Friday, September 17, 2010

The Tiger/ Ethan Chronicles

Because it's not just in the lunch room anymore...
Since the last update, there have been many unspoken tests of true infatuation. Like Ethan farting, and Ethan having a "slimy green booger" hanging out his nose and Ethan eating bbq potato chips that smelled weird. I don't know about you but when I was a kid that kind of stuff was enough to make me run for the hills. Not the Tiger, though, she still likes him best of all. The big news is that their relationship seems to have progressed from the lunch room to the class room. According to Tiger, Ethan now hangs his back pack next to hers and they sit next to each other at reading time as well as lunch and Tiger chose Ethan to carry on her legacy of official chalk board washer of the week.

To make things interesting there is another little boy in her class that we'll call Idon'tknow (until Tiger can remember his name) that has a BIG crush on her and follows her around like a wistful puppy (my words). Unfortunately, Idon'tknow's love is unrequited. I've made it very clear to the Tiger that she needs to be nice to Idon'tknow. There is nothing worse than having your heart squashed.

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