Thursday, September 9, 2010

As The Lunch Room Turns

She’s got her life living in her heart
She’s got these eyes well where do I start?
Like looking at the deep night sky
So many worlds inside her eyes

She’s a spectacular girl ~ The EELS

When I pick the Tiger up from school the first thing we talk about is Ethan. He sits by her at lunch (which delights her) and they chit chat...

Tiger (saying this all in one breath): Mom, guess what?! Ethan likes Chinese food and cherries and Nacho Cheese Doritos and he's been bitten by a dog... Well -he- wasn't bitten by a dog but his bird was. He likes fortune cookies, too. Today he read my fortune for me. (I put a fortune cookie in her lunch as a surprise) He told me that one time he ate his fortune and I told him about the time I ate toilet paper because Sissy was taking to long to fix me my hot dogs so we've both eaten paper, too (This one was news to me, lol). We have a lot in common, don't we?! He's  a lot easier to talk to than Andrew (she's a Gemini, after all, so a good conversationalist is important :) )... And today our feet touched at lunch! (HUGE SMILE)

So innocent, I love it! I think I might start living vicariously through her. Looking forward to what Friday brings.

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