Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fire In The Hoooollllleeee

My Monkey :)

A in defensive "why are you taking my picture" mode.

Blurry of John but I still like it

Patrick our chef for the night (funny guy)

 Not pictured is the ginormous Scorpion that John and I shared. It was just us and the 2 oldest. I had the itis so bad that I could barely walk to the car... And today I will have to work out double time, but it was worth it. One thing I noticed and I'm extremely grateful for is that John and I still act like kids and we are still very affectionate. While all of the other couples at our table and surrounding tables are not talking to each other and staring off into space with a miserable look on their faces, we are laughing and kissing. Beautiful children, amazing food, incredible man. Count your blessings.

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