Saturday, September 11, 2010

Garage Sales And Cool People

Woke up, did 2 miles at the park and then headed over to a neighborhood I read about in Craigslist that was having a community garage sale. The first house I stopped at I purchased a cutting board with an art-deco cat design on it and an oriental paper umbrella. I stopped at 5 more houses with no luck and then I happened upon Jacklyn. At first glance, it didn't look as though she had much to offer. What little she did have, though, was quality. A hand painted honey bucket from Russia, an old coffee grinder from Spain, and what caught my eye, colorful drink coasters from Greece which she sold to me for $2.00.

The fact that the coasters were from Greece prompted me to tell her how I had been fortunate enough to travel extensively through Europe and Asia with my parents when I was young and that Greece was one of my favorite places. This opened a flood gate because she to had traveled and even lived overseas due to an occupation that she would not elaborate on (I'm guessing Government). She asked me about Germany. I told her that I didn't get a chance to visit there but that John was born in Heidelberg. Then he'll love this! she said and held up a super cool metro sign which she also sold to me for $2.00.

This now resides on our bookshelf as do the three Beer steins that she gave me for free just because.

When she found out that the Tigers dad is from Dublin, she went in her house and came back out with a little green bag full of Irish currency. She gave me 2 coins from Ireland, 1 for the Tiger and 1 for the Monkey. Wishes for luck and prosperity. :)

Lastly, I saw a water painting that was dated 1976. Jacklyn said it was done in Germany.... An actual hand painted picture (not a print) done overseas 34 years ago. The asking price was $50.00- I did not haggle. Now it stands up against my bookshelf as I search for it's new spot in the house.

More than anything, I enjoyed meeting and talking to Jacklyn. She is a very well traveled, interesting and generous woman. Not a combination you see to often. I can only imagine the stories she has to tell.

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