Saturday, July 3, 2010

$19.00 -n- Change

Oh how I love to thrift. Seriously.
Where else can you go and walk out with a bag full of killer clothes for under $20.00? It's rhetorical so don't bother trying to answer.

This is my new favorite shirt!!! It reminds me of the stuff my mom used to wear in the mid to late 70's only fitted and sexier. I say sexier because I keep the first 3 buttons undone, Mom would have neverrrr done that.  I think it will look smart with a pair of faded jeans and these shoes that I picked up a few months back (while thrifting.)

Pretty green wrap sweater and 2 more ties to add to my collection. Both Silk and, no I didn't rip any price tags off this time.

Mootsies Tootsies in mint condition for $4.00. I like very much.

I also scored 2 pencil skirts, one black with a long, provocative slit up the side and one that's dark grey with a thin sliver buckle in the front. And an all purpose green/ grey wrap sweater that I think will look adorable with comfy, ratty jeans and Lacy tanks underneath.

There are 2 secrets to successful thrifting. 1- You must have vision. 2- Always shop out of season. I shop for fall/ winter in the warm months and vice versa, that way I pick up all of the best stuff.

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