Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wonderful Nothing

Yesterday I did nothing that involved physical effort. I did not change out of my pajamas and the only reason I stepped foot out of bed was for coffee and to tend to my fur babies. My boyfriend brought me an extremely unhealthy, unglamourous (taco bell) lunch. We watched the Seminoles cremate the Gators as I pretended I was eating cuisine from some fabulous 5 star bistro. Not a Nacho bell Grande. I entertained day dreams of owning a vintage dutch bike and opening up a quaint little soul food restaurant in the historic part of town (two words - gold mine). I downloaded "Truth" by The Jeff Beck Band released in 1968 and listened to a young Rod Stewart croon the blues. I also downloaded Tom Montefusco, Unknown Hinson and Trombone Shorty. I searched for sweet potato pancakes and lemon pie recipes. I played with Johns beard scruff and showered his cheeks and lips with light kisses.

Today, I clean. Bummer. :( Maybe I'll bake something, maybe a little thrifting...

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